Since 1990, we were established as Jit Sheng Aluminum & Glass Construction. In 2002, we collaborated with United Windows Pte Ltd, a high-tech enterprise specializing in technology research and development of windows and doors. We have since become their main manufacturer of the 180° multi-functional swing & slide window.


The 180° multi-functional window is patented worldwide, that can: 

- Rotates at 180 degrees externally to facilitate safe cleaning from the inside of the home

- Used as sliding window 

- Used as casement window for better air ventilation

We are convinced that this window serves the needs of our customers because of its state of arts features and customization. At the same time, it connects with our company's objective, which is to provide the best, safe and practical product at an affordable price to our consumers.

In 2018 was passed down to the next generation as Ziam Gei Huat Aluminium Pte Ltd.

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